I’m Tom. I started this energy worked in 2010, but it all started for me in 004 after I experienced death. After 2010 I started to meditate and my guide’s or higher-self guided me through dream states and meditations along my path to discovery. They guided me to the stargates and ley lines all over the earth for the last 8 years as I’ve collected light codes. Now I have the codes I need to help people upgrade and/or turn on their DNA. Over the years since my awakening, I have continued to learn about energy and quantum physics, the building blocks that make up the multiverse and cosmos; light, color, and sound. We, sentient humans, are multi-dimensional beings of infinite light that come from the Source Creator God. 

My intention at Clair-i-Tea is to use my knowledge and the technology we currently have at        Clair-i-Tea to help as many people as possible to activate their DNA by unprogramming their consciousness and reprogramming them. 


I Pyramid Session - $60

Introductory Special :

3 sessions 15mins   

In the I Pyramid - $49.99

 Also being used in conjunction with other healing modalities to amplify the healings.

Please contact the store for details.