A good Tarot Reading gives you a glimpse into your own psyche and can give you great clarity towards answering the big questions being called out of you. To get the most out of your reading you’ll want to come with questions to point the reader’s exploration which gives them a language to deliver their findings. Here at Clair-i-Tea, we have a unique offering of ‘clean’ professional Tarot readers, those who will tell you what the cards say with no judgement, personal interpretation or projection. However, we also offer several skilled specialized readers who are equipped to help counsel or coach you through the fall-out of what your reading and exploration may bring up for you. 


Tarot Card ReadingTarot cards have been used for ‘fortune-telling’ for centuries, but how do they work? The deck was originally developed by exiled Hebrews to study the teachings of their mystery religion, and so the Tarot marks the steps on the path between the Kabbalah Sefirot or stages of conscious development. The full deck takes you through a map of consciousness. Thus, a skilled and knowledgeable reader can tell you the story that the cards layout about your life or question. Each card is presented as the energy orders it and the real magical happens as you find out how your psyche reacts to the story being told about you.