Energy Healing

Reiki is a laying-on-of-hands form of energy healing where, through light contact, there      is a transfer of healing energy from the practitioner to the client. Clients often feel filled with a blissful energy and experience relief from physical symptoms. Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Light and Love. 

Aiya is an ancient Middle Eastern energy healing modality trust is just coming      to light. An Aiya session raises your frequency, bringing mind, body, and spirit  into alignment.    This work invites a cleansing space where any etheric attachments can be cleared away   and healed. Aiya is the Hebrew word for Miracle! 

Quantum Touch utilizes breath work patterns and a technique called sandwiching, where a practitioner's hands are placed both above and below an area where a client is feeling pain. Unlike most healing arts, which are practiced silently, some communication during each session is involved, connected to location and intensity of pain or discomfort, for comparison before and after a session.

Reconnective Healing was developed by a chiropractor named Eric Pearl. It is a totally non-tactile form of healing working purely with energy and higher consciousness. It is said to accelerate healing on all levels of being as well as aid the receiver to connect more powerfully and immediately to their own intuition and the natural world.