Through growing up in a family with anger, divorce and alcoholism was not unusual, Hartwell's intuition told him there was a better way to live. His search for understanding and effective tools began with  astrology at the age of 14, and contained with tarot, yoga numerology archetpal, philosophy, Toltec shamanism Reiki and the Human Design System.

He now serves as a guide and teacher for those who wish to live with creativity, joy and purpose.



Reveals personality, gifts, challenges, spiritual path - and guides you to take

advantage of times of opportunity.

Chart provided.


Tea & Tarot

Responsive to your prayers and desires, the universe hears you.  Ask about

challenges, love, money, life purpose, and receive an answer that brings

relief and guides you to your best life.


Encoded within your birth date and name lie the secrets of your challenges and gifts.

Human Design*

How are you unique and how do you successfully live out that uniqueness? What is your reliable voice of truth? Chart provided.

Gene Keys

Your hologenetic profile provides the keys for understanding the journey from your lowest to highest frequencies.

Children’s Readings

How is your child unique? What amazing gifts exist within them and how do you call them out? Choose HDS, astrology, or numerology.

Life purpose

Take a deep dive into the unfolding you, starting here and now. What are your next, best steps?






$40, $70, $80






$40, $90




$55, Basic

$110 Full






$40 Each

$90 For All