Divination (Oracle, Pendulum, Runes) - Divination is the art form of using designated tools in order to interpret ‘divine will’, destiny, or fate. Each Sensitive or psychically gifted reader may use whatever tools call out to them for the task, but here we will explain a few common ones.

Oracle Cards are similar to the Tarot. They are a popular modern modality as each deck has a central theme, and each card within a deck has an element of that theme    that takes the reader through a journey of development. There are hundreds of decks available and so each reader will choose the decks that have a familiar or powerful language that they resonate with. There are decks on Angels, Gods/Goddesses, Fairy Creatures, meditation, archetypes, love styles, etc!!! Many find Oracle Cards very powerful because they find it easier to receive clear messages as the language is more familiar to them than Tarot. 

A Pendulum is a stone weight suspended from a chain that is used for Radionics. Radionics is the art of reading electromagnetic energy. A skilled reader using a pendulum can assess yes/no question, get numbers, percentages, and scales. A pendulum is a great way to cut through all of the interpretation as the answers are clear, however, to get the most out of your reading you must have questions to ask. This is a great way to decisively check on or confirm answers coming up in any one of the other reading styles. 

Runes are one of the oldest forms of tools for fortune-telling. Shaman’s (Healers) would ‘cast’ or ‘draw’ pieces made of bone, wood, or stone with sacred symbols carved on them in order to interpret the signs and symbols for answers. Modern Rune sets are often 26 Celtic/Scandinavian symbols carved in semi-precious stones which all carry their own energy and piece of the puzzle. Not only are the individual symbols interpreted, but also the configurations and relationships of communication between each piece that participates in a particular case.