Embracing wholeness together”


She is a natural channeler and can introduce you to your spiritual team of guardian angels, spirit guides and totem animals as well as mention dominant archetypes (life themes) most active for you at this time.

You may also ask specific questions and she can look at the most likely outcome by connecting to your guides and soul level.

She is also a Reiki, Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.   


Reiki, Channeling, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing 

15 minutes - $40

30 minutes - $80

45 minutes - $100

60 minutes - $120

Pricing for all modalities is the same and based on session length

Reiki sessions (may include elements from Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing as needed).


Clients may request a session of the prior two modalities separately if desired as well.