Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits are semi-abstract expression of a person’s Aura, Essence, vibration, inner and outer beauty. It may include aura colours, spirit guides, animal totems, sacred geometry symbolism.

A Soul Portrait is comprised of three parts, first a comprehensive Tarot and Palmistry Reading. Second She will do some initial sketching or preliminary painting with the individual sitting. I will with permission take some photographs of the subject.The third phase of a soul portrait will be completed either on site at Clair-I-Tea or in Heather’s studio. The subject may choose to “sit” for that stage of the Soul Portrait as well. Here is what our business Clair-i-Tea’s soul portrait looks like.

The cost is $225 for16x20and $300 for 18x24 and this price  includes a Tarot card reading, a palm reading and the painting of your soul portrait.

Portrait requires a $50 deposit and can takes up to 2 weeks to complete.

Book your appointment with Heather today to have this unique reading done and have a canvas keepsake for yourself. 587-596-3333